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Useful links

Fifty one useful links are available to allow you to have more information about all what can concern you about Tunisia: investment, organizations and support structures, etc… 

  The Gate of the Administration Tunisienne( (Ar, Fr, En)

  Official site of the government departments ( Fr)

  At distance  administration  services (Ar, Fr)

  Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) (Ar, Fr, En, Es,It, De, Zh, Ja)

  Exportations Promotion Center (CEPEX) (Ar, Fr)

  Industry Promotion Agency  (API) (Fr, En, It)

   The Web site of Program and Upgrading of Industry (Ar, Fr, En)

  The Tunisian Company for Foreign Trade Insurance (COTUNACE) (Ar, Fr, En)

  National Institute for Standarization and Industrial Property  (INNORPI)  (Ar, Fr, En)

  Agency of Promotion of Agricultural investment (APIA)  (Ar, Fr, En)

  National Observatory of Agriculture  (ONAGRI) ) (Ar, Fr, En)

  The National Agency for the Protection of the Environnment (ANPE) ) (Ar, Fr, En)

  International Center of the  Technologies of the Environnement (CITET) (Ar, Fr, En)

  Economic activities park of Bizerte (Ar, Fr, En)

  Economic activities park of Zarzis  (Fr, En)

  The Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) (Fr, En)

  Ministry of Technologies and Communication  (Ar, Fr, En)

  The site of the commercial actualities of Tunisia (Ar, Fr, En)

  The National Sanitation Utility (ONAS) (Ar, Fr, En)

   Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG) (Ar, Fr, En)

  National Water Exploitation and Distribution Utility (SONEDE) (Ar, Fr, En)

  Tunisia Telecom (Ar, Fr, En)

  The Technical Center of Mechanichal and Electrical Industries (CETIME) (Ar, Fr, En)

  Ministry of the Higher Education (Ar, Fr, En)

  Ministry of  Education (Ar, Fr, En)

   The Tunisian Agency of Professional Training  (Ar, Fr)

  The Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation (ATCT) (Ar, Fr, En)

  The Arab Institute of Business Managers (IACE) (Ar, Fr, En)

  Tunisian-Deutsh Chamber of Industry and Commerce  (Fr, De)

  Tunisian-American Chamber of Commerce  (Fr, En)

  Tunisian-Italien Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (Fr)

  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax : CCIS (Fr) 

  General informations about Tunisia (Fr) (Ar, Fr, En)

  International Fair  of Tunis (Fr, En)

  Yellow Pages (Ar, Fr, En, De)

  Tunisian Tourism Office (Fr, En, De)

  Handicrafts  (Ar, Fr, En) 

  Socopa  (Ar, Fr, En)

  Embassies and Consulates (Fr, En, De)

  Tunisia Calls for Deals (Fr, En) 

  International Show of Agriculture,Machinery and Fishing:SIAMAP (Ar, Fr, En) 

  Site of the Tunisian Poste (Fr) 

  Shop of stamps of the tunisian poste(Ar, Fr, En) 

  E-shop poste (Fr) 

  Flowers of the Poste (Fr) 

  Tunisia Announce (Fr) 

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